February 10- Things I Collect

  1. Coins/money of different countries of the world
  2. Shells
  3. Rocks/pebbles (I really like the smooth ones. If it feels nice, I’ll often times keep it in my pocket to calm my nerves whenever I need it.)
  4. Marbles ( I don’t really collect them as mush anymore, but I do still have a collection.
  5. Stickers, of course!
  6. Washi Tape (my new favorite)
  7. Pens (I recently received some new ones from my cousin in Bangladesh. They are Matador’s i-teen ballpoint water/oil gel pens. And they are superb! I fell in love with them when I visited Bangladesh last summer.)
  8. Pencils (Also a favorite. Plus did you know that there is a pencil haven in Manhattan, NYC? OMG, I can’t wait to visit that place. It’s called CW Enterprise and founded by Caroline Weaver. I was really excited before when I found out about it, but now I am even more excited because they have a special type of pencil that I have been looking for for a long time. It’s the HB Noris Un-Tipped Pencil –Staedtler. This pencil brings back many beautiful memories from my childhood in Bangladesh. Every time I visit Bangladesh, I always look for them. This past summer when I went, I was looking for a lot of stationary items such as oil pastels [which has another story of its own], pencils, pens, erasers, etc. My husband looked at me in awe when he saw how giddy I was just buying them. Unfortunately, in the past few years, the people of Bangladesh have started to use pens more than pencils 😦 ; so I was unable to find this specific type of pencil as well as the metal sharpeners.)
  9. Planners (Not really collect… but keep. I like to keep planners/journals because they showcase what I’ve done or what I’ve been through at any given time/moment. And sometimes it feels really nice to flip through them 🙂 ).
  10. Yu-Gi-OH cards (My brother’s going to hate me for this (^ワ^=). I still have the cards we collected as kids. I never played with mine, I just liked collecting. But he was furious, and still is furious that a) I keep them despite not playing with them and b) I don’t give it back to him. In truth they were initially his cards, but after he received a new deck, I got his previous deck which contains Dark Magician, Summoned Skull, Mystical Elf, Mammoth Graveyard, and Kuriboh, just to name a few. )

February 6- I’m Really Good At

ummm…this is going to be hard -__-

  1. helping others
  2. keeping a planner
  3. remembering birthdays [my husband always forgets mine ( ̄  ̄|||); but then again, he can’t remember anyone else’s either ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌ ]
  4. staying organized (most of the time)
  5. being aesthetic
  6. keeping an open mind
  7. stepping into other’s shoes
  8. getting easily scared by even the littlest of things (like that one time my grandma came out of the laundry room and my heart skipped a few beats | ◯ ‸ ◯ |…  Hey! In all fairness, she was wearing a white sari╏ ᓀ 〜 ᓂ ╏)

Lost Time

Lately, I seem to be fighting for more time. Like I’m running against it, constantly trying to get ahead of it, constantly trying to run by it, side by side. We never seem to have enough time on our hands. It seems like we do, only to realize it has slipped through our fingers, escaping us by a mere second.


Late Night Drives

Long drives at night offer so much tranquility and peace that you never want the trip to end, no matter where you are going. You’re in your car with the music on, warm and cozy, the outside world in fast motion, a blur almost, and you take everything in just as fast as you zone everything out. No cars, no traffic, no commotion. Everything is wonderful 🙂