Y: Miss Ala. Miss Ala. K poopy me! Translation: Miss Sara. Miss Sara. K called me ‘poopy’! I miss that kid πŸ˜‚πŸ™„πŸ˜Š

Once Upon A Windy Day…

Kids: Ms. Sara…. it’s really windy. Me: I know! Hold onto yourselves so you don’t get blown away. Holding onto their hats and scarves, some of the older ones look at me puzzled while the younger ones look at me in amazement, as if to ask Can that really happen? πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜„ Β 

what is it about people that makes the letters coming out of my mouth trip and tumble. is it their masculinity, femininity, androgyny. is it the way they carry themselves or the way they hold your gaze, as if the longer they stare, the more they peer into your soul. time seems to stand still…


people say that laughter is the best medicine but why does it hurt so when you use it to push all our problems away

February 21- Things I Can’t Live Without

Planner, journal, writing in general. There have been periods of time where I’ve gone without writing and let me tell you, it was miserable. I express my thoughts out loud through writingΒ  and not being able to express them made me feel like like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode. My watch. Whenever I…

February 16- My Dream Job

Currently my dream job is to be a teacher. It’s to have my own classrooms with my own students. It’s to be busy with teaching, projects, and whatnot 😏😏.

February 8- Five Years From Now

  Be a full-fledged teacher Move to a warmer state like Florida or California… or maybe even Texas… nah, too hotΒ  Start a family

February 5- My Morning Routine

Sheesh! It’s more of just wake up, eat breakfast (most of the time), and then go about my work. Nothing special 😜😜.

February 4- A challenge I’ve overcome

A challenge I’ve overcome is my nervousness. Well… I haven’t totally overcome it. It’s more like an ongoing process. In truth, I’m overcoming it every day, more or less; some days better than others. I guess in a sense, you could say that I’ve gotten better at it in terms of controlling it. It was…

February 3- When I was young

I used to think that the moon followed me wherever I went. Every time I would get in the car, I would watch the moon making its way through the sky, following me ❀ ❀ Photo: Super Blue Blood Moon, January 2018 Photo Credit: Tasneem Mahrusha