Fireflies, tucked in, dreaming
Of dancing in the night sky,
Dancing with their light.
Tiny little wings, holding,
Carrying the weight of millions of tiny
Little dreams,
wishes, and
hopes. Their
Wings are so light and yet
They carry so much.

Wishes, stars in the evening sky,
Stars on the ground, stars everywhere.
Catch it and wish on its light.
Let it go.
It flies away to the heavens
With other wishes in tow.
Our wishes ,
clasped in between little tiny wings,
Remain unseen in the evening sky.

Photo Credit: Massimo Gugliucciello

The Night Sky

I kick off my shoes
and plant my feet on the grass.
It feels gentle and soft
like a cool, feathered pillow.
I sit down and close my eyes
to feel the wind,
to let it touch my heart,
and pull at my heartstrings.
I want to let it sing me
a lullaby.
I lie down on my bed of grass
as they prick my ear.
I look up at the globe.
Shiny white dots fill up
the entire sky.
It’s breathtaking.
I stare up at the night sky
searching for shooting stars
and meteors
while I wish on the moon.
I stare until my eyes
close and drift off to sleep.

Dear Moon,
I hope all my wishes come true.

Wishing On A Dandelion

I wait for the wind
To come and take
My message.
I prepare myself
To be ready
When the wind comes
To carry away my wish.
I whisper in silence
To the dandelion
In my hand.
I tell him
All my secrets.
I tell him all I want.
I wish everyone to be safe,
So I wish that
He has a safe journey
To wherever he has to go,
Wherever he needs
To place himself
To plant my wishes
And make them grow.
I wish him a safe journey
As the wind comes
and I blow him away…
And we part.

Ode To The Moon

Dear Moon,
You are more handsome than any I’ve ever seen.
Here I am writing to you
while the whole world resides in slumber.
You are humble
for the clouds, who like mountains,
pass by you
while you still hold your place.
You are the one whom I whisper all my secrets to
and I know well
that you will keep your promise.
For you listen and do not judge.
Your beauty can not be put into words;
it is translated into whispers
which no man can understand.
You are God-created
and so am I.
You watch me as I watch you,
unloading my sorrows onto you,
hoping for wishes to come true.
As I drift off to sleep,
basking in your moonbeams,
I take you with me into my dreams.