What was the purpose of my human? – Hannah Gadsby, TED Talk This is something I think we all pondered all throughout PD today. What is the purpose of my human? What role do I serve as an educator in the classroom? What role do I serve in my students’ lives? What connections do I…

My New Classroom

I am starting out this new school year as a Head Start Teacher and will continue to learn with little people.

A student asked me if I thought his picture was beautiful. I was like “Are you kidding? Of course it’s beautiful! …. Can I take a picture?” He was so proud. Sometimes you have to give them their 5 minutes of fame, even more so when they’re children. That’s how their self-confidence grows.

Empty SpacesĀ 

i should be deep into originating constructing developing but my head is nothing  but E M P T Y  S P A C E S