An Ode


Your serenade makes the leaves twirl about,

Twirling and twirling and twirling

As if their feet just can’t stop dancing,

The blades of grass running across the ground,

In mindful chatter,

As if time is of the essence.

Where are you all off to?

With outstretched arms, trees reach up to be caressed,

Their fingers barely clasping around your tresses,

Their brittle branches falling off here and there,

You move on.

You move on, your voice bellowing,

Brushing up against windows, tapping on wooded floors,

Knocking over garbage cans and garden swings,

Whipping up hair, hats, and people.

They barely stood a chance.

Is this finally the start of Spring?

Hardly. Snow is on its way.

Rain Dance

The clouds are getting together,
to reunite, to become one.
The sky is becoming a darkish grayish,
bluish, and purplish color.
The wind howls into the sky,
and murmurs its secrets onto the others,
“It’s coming, it’s coming”.
Its murmurs are so endless,
that it shakes the well-built house
and makes it creak.
The wind is soft and gentle,
and it surrounds me,
holding me in its arms.
It cradles the trees back and forth
as the trees sway under its melody.
“It’s coming”, the wind whispers.
The trees get all excited
and sways even more exuberantly.
They pass it onto the grass down there,
and in turn they whisper to each other,
running across the lawn.
They whisper, “It’s coming, it’s coming. The Storm is coming”.
Birds get back to their nests to care for their young,
while the flower buds are getting ready to come out.
Everyone awaits the big arrival.
First, lightning makes the show,
a big flash of light blinds my eyes.
Then thunder makes its big entrance;
It claps so hard that it shakes the earth.
Finally, rain starts to sweep across the country.
Thunder claps again and the rain pours even harder.
The more time passes by,
the more the rain pours,
pounding the earth with its earthly scent.
Pounding, pounding, and pounding.
I don’t want to do anything but watch its heavenly dance
and then lunge in and dance with them.
I want to feel the first cold trickle of rain to touch my skin
as my dress gets drenched with water.
I will dance until the rain stops,
and then the sun will come out to dry the earth.
Then, we’ll wait another day for the rain,
where we’ll dance in merriment again.