Dadi’s Garden

I wanna go back 😭. I spent the first six years of my life here. This specific window led to my grandmother’s tiny garden. Every once in a while she would have it opened to tend to the plants. We both would stand on this side of the window watching the plants being watered or…


keep your head above the water because if you don’t you’ll have no choice but to go under  

She Weaves Me A Casket

Weaving, etching meanings without words. Weaving memories, reaping love; I mimic her tune. Weaving magic. Weaving beauty, from the inside out. She beckons me to watch with her, the jubilant sun, waking up from its slumber. Beckoning me, and I watch with her, everyday, a routine. I always find her there, standing, wishing the sun…


I had a dream today. No. Not a dream. I was awake and lying in bed. I was remembering the time dadi died. How the news of her death reached my parents’ ears. It’s strange, I never think about how the news of her death came. I know how she died and when she died….

Sweep Me Away

Sweep me away… sweep me back into eternal darkness. Let me reside in my shadows. Sweep me back and let me be swept away. Let me cry. Let it fill my heart till it overflows. Let me empty it unto the ocean as vast as my eyes can reach. The clouds take me away again…