Lightning calls my name Uttering in a rumbling, crackling, white light Calling me over and over again

National Poetry Month: Week 4- Rabindranath Tagore

The Music Of The Rains In rainy days When it rains in pattering sounds I cannot tell how I feel So bewildered is my mind. It seems as if someone has left After calling and calling And knocking at my door at night When in rainy days It rains in pattering sounds. Be kind to…

Spring Shower

Rain pours quietly, Feeding the cherry blossoms Not quite yet ready.

Rain Dance

The clouds are getting together, to reunite, to become one. The sky is becoming a darkish grayish, bluish, and purplish color. The wind howls into the sky, and murmurs its secrets onto the others, “It’s coming, it’s coming”. Its murmurs are so endless, that it shakes the well-built house and makes it creak. The wind…