I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night. -Sarah Williams,  The Old Astronomer

Star Gazing

Came home from class today and was forced to park in the parking lot of the baseball field next to our house since our driveway is still icy. It took me a while just to get it out of there while going to class this afternoon. And our front parking space was taken up by…


The sky is cloudless. The starry night dances As the Gibbous moon Shines in a shade of white. The wind howls for an encore.

The Night Sky

I kick off my shoes and plant my feet on the grass. It feels gentle and soft like a cool, feathered pillow. I sit down and close my eyes to feel the wind, to let it touch my heart, and pull at my heartstrings. I want to let it sing me a lullaby. I lie…