Blackout Poetry

I am about to introduce Blackout poetry to my class for student teaching. Personally, I have been meaning to do this for a while. So when I decided I wanted to teach a lesson on poetry, this was one of the first things that came to mind as I was coming up with activities. This works well with my lesson as I am not only teaching the students to differentiate between poetry and prose but I am also teaching them to identify literary devices and the ways they help us understand text a little better. I was going to do this the old fashioned way with newspaper clippings and permanent markers but then I suddenly came across this cool interactive feature on the New York Times website.

Here’s the link if you would like to try it out: Searching for Poetry in Prose

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“Honey” by Mindy Gledhill and Paul Jacobsen

When you’re blue, buried deep
60,000 leagues under the bottom of the sea
I will swim to you to set you free
I will swim to you to set you free

Honey, when you feel worn out
When the mirror lies and turns on you
When the choruses of doubt are singing way too loud
Honey, I will chase them down
Honey, that’s what love’s about

Well, your world once revolved
A thousand miles per hour, now you watch it as it falls
And fizzles at a slow dissolve
Fizzles at a slow dissolve


And I hope you know you are
More beautiful than you dream you are
And maybe all things must pass
But now you’re still wading through the ash
While the fire lasts


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