Star Gazing

Came home from class today and was forced to park in the parking lot of the baseball field next to our house since our driveway is still icy. It took me a while just to get it out of there while going to class this afternoon. And our front parking space was taken up by our other car. Anyways, it is so cold outside that I couldn’t wait to get inside. But I couldn’t help but stop to look up at the sky. It amazes me every time. The millions of stars staring down at us, like millions of fireflies dancing in the night sky. There they were and here was I, standing in the empty parking lot, freezing, my fingers about to fall off any second, my breath visible to the naked eye. I feel really small.


Fireflies, tucked in, dreaming
Of dancing in the night sky,
Dancing with their light.
Tiny little wings, holding,
Carrying the weight of millions of tiny
Little dreams,
wishes, and
hopes. Their
Wings are so light and yet
They carry so much.

Wishes, stars in the evening sky,
Stars on the ground, stars everywhere.
Catch it and wish on its light.
Let it go.
It flies away to the heavens
With other wishes in tow.
Our wishes ,
clasped in between little tiny wings,
Remain unseen in the evening sky.

Photo Credit: Massimo Gugliucciello