Mother Language Day- 21st of February-

mother language dayToday is the day we celebrate out language, Bengali, and a day we commemorate to the martyrs who died for our language on this day in 1952 in the Bengali Language Movement Demonstration held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. UNESCO acknowledges this day as International Mother Language Day which promotes peace and multilingualism and protects mother languages everywhere in the world.

I remember while I was in school, I tried to bring awareness to this date, this war, this fight for freedom: freedom from oppression, freedom to speak a language, freedom for the people in all of my papers and projects because no one knew about it. Even when I went to research it and looked for information in books, there would only be either a paragraph about it or a page at the most. I remember doing my 10th grade research project on it and had a hard time finding information for which I consulted the librarian. She told me that our library books had little to no information about it unfortunately and promised to find some sources online. So as you can guess, my research was limited. But still, I’m happy I did that project because I was able to present it to my class as well as bring awareness to the fact that something like this did happen and yes, a country did fight a war just to speak it’s own language. And I’m proud to be a part of that country.

Self-reflection during Ramadan 

There are two ways of being tired of eating during Ramadan:

  • One is when you wake up in the middle of night during Seheri and try to shove down as much food as you possibly can so you can keep your fast; even though just four or five hours ago you ate a full course meal.
  • And the other one is at Iftar when you’re full after two bites and can’t eat another morsel, despite the fact that the stomach has been crying for food for the past 16 hours.

Both times you end up just looking at the food more than you actually start eating it.
Not because the food doesn’t look appetizing but because both the mind and body are too tired. The mind is too sleepy and the body is just not hungry. As I stare at my food, there are a lot of things going in my head. At least that is what it looks like if someone were to see me. Maybe I’ll tell you one day. That is, if I ever can remember what in the world I was thinking about.