Dadi’s Garden

I wanna go back 😭. I spent the first six years of my life here. This specific window led to my grandmother’s tiny garden. Every once in a while she would have it opened to tend to the plants. We both would stand on this side of the window watching the plants being watered or the guavas being picked from the guava tree. Thank you ammu for opening this gate for me that day. The rain, the atmosphere, and the vehicles on the street both heightened my emotions and brought back many beautiful memories. I am going to cherish this moment forever. And thank you for keeping dadi’s garden flourishing all throughout the years ❤️❤️, even though it has changed quite a bit…. the jackfruit tree has gotten smaller and the guava tree is no more. Even in dadi’s absence, I feel her presence every time I’m here 😌.

32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

1. Aquiver

2. Mellifluous

3. Ineffable

4. Hiraeth

5. Nefarious

6. Somnambulist

7. Epoch

8. Sonorous

9. Serendipity

10.  Limerence

11. Bombinate

12. Ethereal

13. Illicit

14. Petrichor

15. Iridescent

16. Epiphany

17. Supine

18. Luminescence

19. Solitude

20. Aurora

21. Syzygy

22. Phosphenes

23. Oblivion

24. Ephemeral

25. Incandescence

26. Denouement

27. Vellichor

28. Eloquence

29. Defenestration

30. Sonder

31. Effervescence

32. Cromulent

: Via  Buzzfeed