Deep Waters

And then it begins.
Molten lava wedged in between
The crevices of my heart,
Piercing reddish orange.
The words from my mouth stumble out,
Tripping and falling,
Causing the others behind them
To miss their step
And come to a full stop.
Twenty one and half pair of eyes
In my direction… Lying in wait.
My words take too long to recover,
But there they are.
I wish I too could look them back in the eyes,
All twenty one and half of them.
I wish I too could watch them as they watch me. Intently.

S   I   L   E   N   C   E

A shadowed hand strangulates
As I struggle to escape from its grasp.
My lungs burn as if I’ve been running,
Far too long,
As if I’ve been held captive in a closed room,
The water slowly climbing up
My feet…
My hands reach out in desperation.
My hands reach out into nothingness.
Take a deep breath.
I can’t
Do this…
I can’t.
My breathing and talking are out of sync,
My brain can’t seem to make up its mind.
Should I breathe first,
Then talk or talk,
Then breathe first.
It tries too much.
So much…that ultimately
I’m the one who gets stuck in between.

s   i   l   e   n   c   e

Everything stops.
The eyes, the thoughts,
My words.
They stop coming forth,
But my body still doesn’t respond.
My ears steam out hot air,
My cheeks flush against
The calmness of the room.
Show me the way out.

Taking Flight


I am closed away
Somewhere in my mind,
Somewhere past my own conscience,
Like a lost toy boxed away
After it has lost its battle,
Eager to be found again.
The paper plane in my hand
Hangs still,
As if frozen in time.
We don’t belong yet.
I make my way across the empty halls,
Awaiting to find
I hear the sound of laughter,
The kind of laughter that really makes you smile.
The empty halls fade into thin air
As if the sound of the laughter
Is beating on it,
Forcing it to go back
To its place.
The emptiness fades away
And I am left standing here
Under the sky blue sky.
I can feel the warmth,
The touch of a hand
Upon my cheek;
The touch invisible to me.
As I tread on the vastness of the water,
My feet gives light to tiny ripples,
Each of them leaving
As the next one appears.
I look on as I walk with my reflection,
My feet in touch with hers.
I feel so true.
The wind is so strong and steady.
I let it braid my undone hair.
I let it ruffle my pleated dress.
I let it just be.
With a flick of my wrist,
I push my plane forward
And into the sky.
The strong and steady wind catches it
And blows life
Into its paper wings.
And my plane?
It soars.
Up into the sky,
Past the massive white clouds,
Past the sapling in its mother’s embrace.
My plane keeps its pace
With its reflection
Without giving light to a single ripple.
But it doesn’t matter.
My once lifeless airplane
Has taken flight,
And has gone to find its own self.