Published Poem

I recently submitted a poem to Robi, an online literary journal, by Bangladeshi Identity Project. As it says on its introduction page, this journal in intended for the Bengali diaspora by the Bengali diaspora. It’s for us Bengalis that belong there, in our native country, but call this place our home too. Despite speaking our…

Trees Coveted In Snow

The sad thing about this tree is that it’s having a hard time bearing the weight of the snow. It’s trying to hold on, it’s trying not to break. But, unfortunately, it’s seeds seemed to have been ready to come out as it was under the false pretense that summer had arrived just a tad…

February 5- My Morning Routine

Sheesh! It’s more of just wake up, eat breakfast (most of the time), and then go about my work. Nothing special 😜😜.


Rain is one of the most beautiful things on earth.