“I do not understand ‘damned.’ You are. And because you are, you can walk where you will, into peace, oblivion, or pits of fire, but you will always choose.”
― Katherine Arden, The Bear and the Nightingale

I hope everyone’s having a good day. Today was a very lazy Sunday. Woke up and let my ferrets out of their cage to free-roam. They played for an hour and a half before hunkering down to sleep again. My brother came yesterday to take some pictures of them and those came out nice. I’ll post them in my stories. And in other news, my packages of my wax seals came and I’m pretty excited to use those for my penpal letters 🤩. I just have to buy the wax seal stamp… I’m having trouble deciding between a bee stamp and a mushroom stamp.

QOTD: What is your favorite type of retelling?

I like anything from classic retellings to historical to fairy tale retellings. The last retelling I read was Pride and Prejudice murder mystery and it was a really good book. There are so many other retellings I want to get to though, which brings my attention to this picture. I’ve had The Bear and the Nightingale on my TBR for awhile now and hopefully (🤞) I will get to it this year.


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