Best Books of 2020


A great read of how Rumi came to be the great Persian poet through the bond he shared with his master, Shams of Tabriz. A certain level of mysticism and spiritualism was attained throughout this book. ★★★★


This read had me guessing until the end…. which was mindblowing! ★★★★


I can’t believe I haven’t read this before now. I loved The Book Thief and this one is just as good! ★★★★★


Remember the old man from UP and the beautiful life he had with his wife. Ove reminds me of him! This story will bring you to tears!

Loved, loved, loved this book! A must read! ★★★★★


Reminded me a bit of The Book Thief. Will keep this one close to heart. ★★★★★



Something just felt missing in this one and I was quite bummed by the ending. Can’t wait for the 6th book that’s coming out in February!


★★★★ A book about a girl with dyslexia and how one teacher helps her to embrace who she is.

A great read! Gives off Harry Potter vibes. ★★★★★



I did not expect this one to be so good. It gets boring at times so I used a combination of the physical copy and audio book.



ARC- Publish Date: March 9, 2021 A Jane Austen Murder Mystery with our beloved main characters, Elizabeth Bennet and William Darcy.

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