Which historical event would you like to know more about?

This book vaguely explores the crimes committed against the Indigenous people of Australia, such as the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their families due to various government policies. The forced removal of indigenous children were part of the policy, Assimilation, in which the taken children were to be assimilated into the white community. They were taught to reject their heritage and forced to adopt white culture. Some children were adopted by white families while others were placed into institutions. The generations of children removed from the families under this policy become known as The Stolen Generation [1910-1940] ( @australianstogether ).

I wish the book would go more in depth of the crimes as it barely broke the surface. I like Isobel’s story because it was writte in verses. I got more out of the story than what I got from Beth’s story. Having Beth as a narrator really affected us as a reader because Beth’s father protected her from the true nature of the crimes. Whatever thoughts or conclusion he came to, he kept to himself. I give this book a 3 ⭐⭐⭐. I probably would have rated this book a 4 if we got to know more about the crimes being committed rather than being left in the dark.

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