Do you like mythological creatures? If so, What are some of your favorites?

I love anything that has to do with mythology and folklore. Lately, I have been obsessed with Jinn, who come from Middle Eastern and Islamic Mythology. I find them so fascinating. I am Muslim myself and we believe that Jinn, like humans, have a choice of how to lead their lives, whereas Angels do not. Therefore, there are good Jinn and there are bad Jinn. But like angels, they cannot be seen unless they wish to come in front of you in some shape or form. In my Bengali culture, Jinn are usually feared because since childhood, we heard stories of how Jinn trouble humans. The bad Jinn are said to hang out on treetops and wait for the right opportunity to prey on humans that are alone. So the best advice is that it’s best to walk in groups at night. Just thinking about that is giving me goosebumps 😖😖. But you want to know something funny? After I came to America, little me put the thought of a Jinni hanging out on treetops in the back of my mind because Jinn can’t ride airplanes! Not to say there isn’t any in America. But if one does happen to come before me, I hope it’s one of the nice ones 😝.

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