Something I Lost Between The Seats

It is early morning. I eat breakfast quickly, gather up all my stuff, and start getting ready. Before I leave, I hesitantly slip the new sharpened pencil in case I need it later. I drive to the train station, park, and walk over. I sit towards the back of the train, my head facing the opposite direction. I like sitting like that. Some people get dizzy because they can’t see where the train is going but I like the fact that I can see where the train is coming from. I don’t need to see where the train is taking me, I know the route by heart. I am sitting on the right side of the train where there’s two seats. I ride the whole hour looking at busy roadways and hurried people. Run, run, run. After the last check of tickets, And before I put in back in my wallet, I try to see how it sticks to the edge of the window as I’ve seen many people do it. Big Mistake! I should’ve been more careful. The ticket slips past my fingers and into the space between the the seat and the wall/body of the train. I tell the person beside me that my card dropped on the floor and if he could please get up. Awkwardly, in front of a train full of eyes, I crouch down to get my pass. It’s not there! Puzzled, I go back and try to look for it where I dropped it. I see it! It didn’t drop all the way. I try to reach for it, but I can’t. My pass is well within my sight; however my fingers fall too short to even touch its tip. That’s when I switch onto panic mode. My stop is 2 stations away, I have a class in 10 minutes I do not want to be late for, if (not to mention when) I don’t get this pass out right now I have to go further into the city and into unknown territory.

“Did you get it?”, asks the gentleman.

Exasperated, I tell him no.

“Let me try”, he says, then slips into my seat and proceeds to try to slide it out with his notepad.

No luck. The notepad is not thin enough. With one stop away, I desperately try again. Running out of ideas, I start to panic even more. I AM NOT about to leave my $54 weekly train pass stuck in between the seats. That’s when I think of it! With the gentleman looking on, I rummage into my book bag. Thank God I had decided to bring it with me today 😌. I swiftly take out the pencil and try to get the pass. Ugh! I still can’t get it! Like the notepad, the pencil is also thick; however, I succeed in pushing the train pass with the pencil’s tip. The pass, with that extra push, glides to the ground and I sigh in relief. I’m done for the day. Can I go home now? 😝😂.

I thanked the gentleman for helping me. Instead of sitting there like an awkward person, I went up the aisle waiting for the train to come to a stop at my station. I made it 😌

^^^This topic is collected from Elvis Duran and the Morning Show. I was listening to it today and it was a possible topic for the topic train by Greg. I have to both agree and disagree with Elvis on the fact the possible topics weren’t completely lame and you can get some pretty decent stories out of some of them. Anyway, thank you Greg for coming up with this topic. It’s very relatable and I’m sure a lot of people have gone through something similar. ^^^

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