Trees Coveted In Snow

The sad thing about this tree is that it’s having a hard time bearing the weight of the snow. It’s trying to hold on, it’s trying not to break. But, unfortunately, it’s seeds seemed to have been ready to come out as it was under the false pretense that summer had arrived just a tad bit too early. Now the tree, with its almost-ready-to blossom seeds, stands helpless against the last days of this winter. Last week’s snowstorm has it already shaken, with wind picking up to about 50 mph and over. Many trees have since been uprooted, if not pushed to the side as if they’re leaning. Hopefully it won’t be like that one winter a few years ago when snow arrived before the trees have had any time to shed their leaves. It’s hard to forget all the crackeling sounds all around us as tree branches were breaking off here and there. They weren’t able to support the weight of they’re own leaves, much less the snow that kept on piling on it. Sometimes, I feel like going out to shake a branch or two (at least the ones I’m able to reachđŸ˜‚), to just take off some pressure. Although the piling snow does make some trees look humble, I think they’d like it much better if they weren’t bowing so low to the ground because of the heavy weight of snow.

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