Winter in Bangladesh

The best part of a foggy, wintry morning
in the rural parts around here is enjoying
the sweet,
raw molasses,
freshly collected from the sap of date trees,
free of dust, noise, pollution,
and corruption.



A big thank you to baba (my father) who helped me understand the process of how the molasses were collected from the date palm trees. I knew molasses were being collected but it looks a tad bit different than collecting maple syrup, as I’ve read in Laura Ingall’s “Little House in the Big Woods”. The things you can learn from books 🙂 . Anyways, baba has experienced this before and he misses it quite a bit. Also a big thank you to Shoudho Bhaiya. When I actually saw you out there the other day, enjoying the very same thing I’m writing about, I just had to know what your experience was like 🙂

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  1. Sadah says:

    Well written.

      1. Sadah says:

        Would you like to share your content on our open publishing platform?

      2. Sara Alam says:

        Thank you for the invitation :). Can I get back to you on that?

      3. Sadah says:

        Sure. In the meantime, do visit and if you have any questions, feel free to reach our team at

      4. Sara Alam says:

        Will do. Thanks.

  2. Very interesting part of Bengali culture that most urban children who grow up will never know about!

      1. Would be great to connect – look forward to reading more!

      2. Sara Alam says:

        Sweet. Would love to connect 🙂

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