February 20- My Biggest Pet Peeve

Talking on the phone with someone… especially with someone I don’t know.

Other than that… some pet peeves include:

  1. Teachers picking favorites (I was a teacher’s pet involuntarily for two or three grades and it was pathetic. I do not know why teachers pick favorites when all it does is hurt the student :/ )
  2. When parents don’t discipline their kids when they are misbehaving (This ticks me off so much >:(. If you’re bringing your child to a social event, then you should be responsible for keeping them in check. And please don’t say that kids will be kids. That’s just a lame excuse you use to get out of not doing anything. They are your kids, therefore your responsibility, not anyone else’s. Although I’m not afraid to share a piece of mind either.
  3. In addition to the previous one, parents not diffusing the situation when their child wants to take a toy home gets me just as equally upset. OMG, don’t even get me started on this one. I had a similar experience with this when a kid/toddler cried to take my favorite crayons home with her. I was appalled that this kid’s parents didn’t even try to stop her. I was six.
  4. Handling annoying customers at work…. I could write a whole book on them seriously! Ugh!
  5. When people call me by my official name, Sara, rather than my nickname, Priyanka, when they have been calling me Priyanka for the time I’ve known them.

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