February 9- My First Job Was

My first job was as a pharmacy technician at Rite Aid. Initially, I was told I would only have to manage the till, but as soon as I started I was shown how to manage customers at pick-up, drop-off, and drive-thru. I was also shown how to manage the prescription queue, whether they came in physically or electronically. Sometimes, it would get really hectic with the orders. The customers were either + or -, depending on their mood. When I first started, I was kind of anxious about the job that during the state of Hypnagogia, I would attempt to file my blanket as I would file Monaco bags (´つヮ⊂).  The best part of this job was counting the tablets when filling the prescriptions (Trust me! It was so satisfying to count them out by 5’s) and stocking up the ScriptPro on truck day. I don’t know why but the pharmacist would always leave the stocking part for me to do. Out of everything I dealt with during the day, that was the one thing I could go back to and just be in my own world… It acted as a bit of therapy I guess. The second to last worst part was measuring the amount to input when measuring liquid medications (I hated that part). The worst part was managing the drive-thru. My stuttering made it worse to communicate with them. There were times when I really just wanted to run out there and give them the medication instead of dealing with them through the little screen (T_T).

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