February 7- My Favorite Part of School

Hmmm… My favorite part of school was probably lunch time where I got to unwind and catch up with friends. Well, in middle school (NYC~6th/7th grade) it was a little different. Although I did enjoy hanging out with friends during lunch time, I also liked bunking it sometimes to spend some quiet time in the special education room where my speech classes were held. I have to write about that one time. Anyway, by the end of my 7th grade school year, my friends eventually became curious about where I went during lunch. And after I told them that I volunteered my time to help out teachers and students in the special education room, they started to take out their time from lunch to help out too ❤ ❤ . I moved to Pennsylvania after that school year. But my friends continued to help out even without me being there 🙂

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