February 6- I’m Really Good At

ummm…this is going to be hard -__-

  1. helping others
  2. keeping a planner
  3. remembering birthdays [my husband always forgets mine ( ̄  ̄|||); but then again, he can’t remember anyone else’s either ┐( ̄~ ̄)┌ ]
  4. staying organized (most of the time)
  5. being aesthetic
  6. keeping an open mind
  7. stepping into other’s shoes
  8. getting easily scared by even the littlest of things (like that one time my grandma came out of the laundry room and my heart skipped a few beats | ◯ ‸ ◯ |…  Hey! In all fairness, she was wearing a white sari╏ ᓀ 〜 ᓂ ╏)

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