February 4- A challenge I’ve overcome

A challenge I’ve overcome is my nervousness. Well… I haven’t totally overcome it. It’s more like an ongoing process. In truth, I’m overcoming it every day, more or less; some days better than others. I guess in a sense, you could say that I’ve gotten better at it in terms of controlling it. It was worse when I was a child. I wasn’t born with it. It developed after I became a victim of bullying in 2nd grade.

I wouldn’t say I was talkative as a child, but I wasnt afraid of speaking either. But after my stuttering developed, I was afraid to even open my mouth. My stuttering has come and gone. In situations where I felt comfortable, no one would be able to tell that I even had a stutter. When I talk with my brothers, I speak normally, no stuttering in sight. However, when I’m in situations I’m not comfortable with such as meeting new people, presentations 😢, phone calls 😢😢 (even though I’m afraid of talking to people, I would still rather talk in person rather than talk to someone over the phone), etc. It’s hard but hey!, it’s life. Yes, I get angtsy at times because I’m nervous. Yes, I might want to throw in the towel every now and then. And yes!, sometimes I might have to actually throw in the towel and admit defeat. But I won’t let that stop me from doing what I love the most. Teaching!

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