February 1- The Meaning of My Name


My nickname and the name I am comfortable with the most. I’m called this name at home or by close friends. It is a name derived from Sanskrit that literally means “a lap full of love” (Priya meaning love and Ank meaning lap) or simply meaning very loving in nature. My name was given to me by my parents and inspired by Indhira Gandhi’s granddaughter, Priyanka Ghandhi.


My official name. I’m known by Sara by the rest of the world whether it be by classmates or colleagues, not to mention my husband -_- 😂. It means princess. A lot of people believe that the name only comes from biblical origins; however that is not the case. Personally speaking, my name was kept in mind as an Arabic name. But Sara comes from other origins as well such as Danish, English, French, German (Zara), Icelandic, Polish, and Spanish.


Alam is my last name and comes from my father’s side of the family. It is an Arabic word meaning world. It is also used in Hindi as well. Before getting married, I was conflicted whether I wanted to change my name to my husband’s last name or not. How could I just leave my name like that. It has been with me since birth. Even though at first I wanted my husband’s name, I didn’t want to give up my name either. In the end, I just stuck to my name. I think it’s beautiful just as it is 🙂

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