After what seemed like forever, thunder, dragging his feet, roamed off to somewhere distant, roaring and calling. And just like that, the clouds parted and let the sun peek through, as her light caressed everything she touched.


》》》 I don’t know why it took me so long to post this. It was just lying in my drafts folder for 1.5 years. Maybe I wanted to add to it more or maybe I just didn’t have the time to post it. Well…it’s here now. Maybe, just as this poem depicts, we’ll get a break from this dreary rain and see some sun this weekend 😊.

Mother Language Day- 21st of February-

mother language dayToday is the day we celebrate out language, Bengali, and a day we commemorate to the martyrs who died for our language on this day in 1952 in the Bengali Language Movement Demonstration held in Dhaka, Bangladesh. UNESCO acknowledges this day as International Mother Language Day which promotes peace and multilingualism and protects mother languages everywhere in the world.

I remember while I was in school, I tried to bring awareness to this date, this war, this fight for freedom: freedom from oppression, freedom to speak a language, freedom for the people in all of my papers and projects because no one knew about it. Even when I went to research it and looked for information in books, there would only be either a paragraph about it or a page at the most. I remember doing my 10th grade research project on it and had a hard time finding information for which I consulted the librarian. She told me that our library books had little to no information about it unfortunately and promised to find some sources online. So as you can guess, my research was limited. But still, I’m happy I did that project because I was able to present it to my class as well as bring awareness to the fact that something like this did happen and yes, a country did fight a war just to speak it’s own language. And I’m proud to be a part of that country.


February 21- Things I Can’t Live Without

  1. Planner, journal, writing in general. There have been periods of time where I’ve gone without writing and let me tell you, it was miserable. I express my thoughts out loud through writing  and not being able to express them made me feel like like a pressure cooker just waiting to explode.
  2. My watch. Whenever I go out, I have to be wearing one on my left hand. I feel empty and miserable without it.
  3. And of course, my phone/iPad. They have everything I need to keep in contact with the world.

And…..ummm… that’s pretty much it when it comes to material things :3 I’ll let you know if I think of anything else.

February 20- My Biggest Pet Peeve

Talking on the phone with someone… especially with someone I don’t know.

Other than that… some pet peeves include:

  1. Teachers picking favorites (I was a teacher’s pet involuntarily for two or three grades and it was pathetic. I do not know why teachers pick favorites when all it does is hurt the student :/ )
  2. When parents don’t discipline their kids when they are misbehaving (This ticks me off so much >:(. If you’re bringing your child to a social event, then you should be responsible for keeping them in check. And please don’t say that kids will be kids. That’s just a lame excuse you use to get out of not doing anything. They are your kids, therefore your responsibility, not anyone else’s. Although I’m not afraid to share a piece of mind either.
  3. In addition to the previous one, parents not diffusing the situation when their child wants to take a toy home gets me just as equally upset. OMG, don’t even get me started on this one. I had a similar experience with this when a kid/toddler cried to take my favorite crayons home with her. I was appalled that this kid’s parents didn’t even try to stop her. I was six.
  4. Handling annoying customers at work…. I could write a whole book on them seriously! Ugh!
  5. When people call me by my official name, Sara, rather than my nickname, Priyanka, when they have been calling me Priyanka for the time I’ve known them.

My Favorite Oil Pastels

When I was little, my youngest uncle had given me a set of oil pastels to draw with. They quickly became my favorite. I even brought it with me when I moved to America. I had it for a bit until they were practically taken from me. We had a family friend come over to our house and they had a daughter who was like three at the time. I was six. Unfortunately, she eyed my favorite oil pastels and wouldn’t leave without it. I was reluctant to give it to her and looked over to my parents. They understood my feelings but didn’t say anything to her parents. What could they say when her parents themselves weren’t saying anything to their daughter? In the end, baba told me to give it to her. I was appalled and angry at the baby’s parents that they could have let something like this happen. Yeah, sure the baby might not be able to help it, but isn’t it their duty to teach her what’s right and what’s wrong. The mother was apologetic that her daughter took the crayons but to me it didn’t matter how apologetic she was. She didn’t stop her daughter from taking it. She didn’t take the time to realize how special those crayons were to me. I cried that day, after they left. I cried and I moved on.

And you know what happened to my crayons?

A few months later when we went to visit their house, the aunty was telling my parents and I that she is often times saddened to see the broken pieces of my crayons lying around when cleaning the floor. I wish she would have seen my fists clench at that moment or see how hurt I felt. ໒( ᓀ ‸ ᓂ )७ She actually had the gall to mention that in front of me when it was she who did nothing to stop her daughter in both cases. Ugh, people I tell you ໒( ⇀ ‸ ↼ )७. Gets on my nerves.

On the bright side… this time I bought a set of oil pastels when I visited Bangladesh           °˖ ✧◝(○ ヮ ○)◜✧˖ °


Oil Pastels ❤ ❤

I was so happy to buy this. I felt I had found something I lost years ago. So many beautiful memories are attached with this little thing.           (︶▽︶)