Student Teaching

Student teaching has been a blast so far. I am working closely with my mentor teacher as well as the students. I have been placed into 2nd grade this semester and I just love it. The kids are so adorable and so cute. I have not gotten the chance to write a weekly blog of my student teaching yet since I started. So here are just little snippets of the past few weeks:

Meeting The Teachers

The 2nd grade teachers….actually I should state that the whole school works like a community with each other. But each of the grades works as a team when they are planning and teaching their lessons. There are five 2nd grade teachers at GES and four of the five have student teachers. The other three student teachers are also Arcadia students like me but they are undergraduates. The teachers are really nice. My mentor teacher is very experienced and has had student teachers before. I plan to learn a lot from her this semester. She believes a lot in positive psychology and how it helps students, not to mention humans as a whole, to learn and grow. Needless to say, there are a lot of positive energy in our classroom.

1st Day of School

1st day of school was bothe exciting and nerve-wracking. I met and introduced myself to the students. They are just so adorable. This day was mostly just observation for me.


I read aloud a few books to them such as Arthur and D.W. The Picky Eater. I just started reading The BFG to them. They’re really interested in it and is always asking me when I’m going to read it next.

Lesson Plan Observation

I was observed teaching a lesson two weeks ago. It went better than I thought it would. I get so nervous when I’m teaching a lesson but this time I did pretty well according to my supervisor. I just hope I can keep it up when I get observed again in October.

Back To School Night

BTSN was great. I got to meet almost all of the parents.i did not get nervous at all. Some of the parents were like, ” Are you the student teacher? My child always talks about you.” 😊

Science Lesson: Sorting Solids

My first full lesson on science. I made a few mistakes and I’m struggling with class management. Also I keep on forgetting that I’m working with 2nd graders. There is a lot of stuff they do not know and I have to construct my language in a way that it is easier for them to understand. Otherwise all I get are just blank stares.

Some things I need to improve on:

  1. Intros
  2. Giving easier directions
  3. Grouping
  4. Reinforcing vocabulary
  5. Classroom management (I’m struggling with this so much right now 😔)
  6. Closing

Basically I need to work on delivering my lessons better because I’m all over the place when I’m teaching.



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