Rm 3: School-Aged Center

Finally! After a lot of time which included getting in clearances, references, and documents, I am able to start working at Chinatown Learning Center 😊. Even though it only may be for a week 😅. But at least I’ll be able to get introduced to the environment and be ready for Student Teaching next week. I had a wonderful time today at the center. It was the first time I was there for the entire day, from 9:00 to 5:30 pm. The day consisted of journals, play, projects, play, activities, and more play. The kids are just too cute. Today I was stationed in Rm 2 with School-Aged kids. The age group runs from K-6th grade. The younger kids are so so cute that words sometimes becomes too little to describe how cute they are. One of them followed me around the entire day and I just love that kid. His cheeks are so chubby and he is just such a cutie. During arts he was coloring his drawing and he asked me, “Miss Sara, can you help me color?”. And so I helped him color. And as he was coloring, he did a double take when he noticed my watch. It just blew his mind that I was wearing a watch without any numbers on it. So I showed him the clock on the wall and said my watch is the same thing and that I just had to just imagine that there are invisible numbers on it.

And then the end of the day was just the best. They went back to the gym and the lead teacher set up the obstacle course again. This time it was young versus old. The older kids already knew what to do since they played this game in the afternoon but the younger kids were just so confused and I couldn’t blame them. So the rule of the game is that there are two teams and each team in pairs have to cross to the other side with the help of their teammates. There are two sets of hula hoops side by side for the two teams. Only one pair can be inside a hoop, meaning the second pair can’t move forward until the first pair moves to the next stop. You have to be stepping on “lily pads” and you can’t go back. So as one can imagine a lot of shouting, a lot of lily pad throwing from one pair to the next, and a lot of “I have no idea what I’m doing” was going on😂. It was fun to watch. And oh the little ones 😍…their feet aren’t big enough so they can’t take long strides and sometimes their teammates forget about them and leave them with only one lily pad and then they have no choice but to scoot. And they look sooooo cute doing it😍😍. It was a very satisfying day 😊.

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