I left for the city with my brother early morning. He had a midterm and I was going for observation at a pre-school. I finally got into one thankfully. It’s hard finding schools to perform fieldwork in if you don’t teach. Plus, school is almost over, so it’s hard finding one that goes into the summer. The center is a pre-school in Chinatown, Philadelphia. It’s my first time going there. It’s just like NYC’s Chinatown but way smaller and less crowded. I found a cute little Bubble Tea store, Vivi Bubble Tea, so that was fun. The center where I went is like three or four blocks away from the station so that was convenient. I instantly fell in love with the place. And the kids are just the cutest little things, each and every one of ’em 😊.
After I was done, I made a quick stop at the Bubble Tea store and ordered a Taro bubble tea 😊😋 and walked back to the station. I was waiting for the train when a man came over and showed me his phone. His phone showed me the English translation of a language that I wasn’t sure of at the time because it wasn’t showing it. So the man asked me in broken English how much is a monthly ticket? And I tried to tell him that it depended on where you were going to from here but he didn’t understand. He handed me his phone to write it in English for him so it can translate to… Spanish! My Spanish isn’t that great either. I can understand it well enough but it takes time for me to process, translate, and then say it. So we both communicated in broken English and Spanish for the remainder of the time I was there. His name is Ernesto and he’s from Brazil who came here to study English. It has only been a month since he came. He showed me pictures of his family, his wife and two sons. During our convo, he seemed to have missed his train to Fox Chase. And then my train came, and I had to explain to him that this isn’t his train because it’s not going to where he is. That’s where we parted. I hope he was able to get onto the right train. It was a cool experience ✌🏻️

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