May 16, 2016

Rocket Launching day🚀. The rockets the class had worked on and made last week will be launched today since they were unable to on Friday due to the weather. It was pretty nice day minus the cold. We were outside for a whole hour and even though I was wearing a sweater, I was freezing. It’s May, yet it feels like it’s the beginning of March. Since there were two classes, 4F and 4S, they took turns launching. The rockets went up pretty high so fast that sometimes we lost track of where it went before it started to fall down again. The students’ parents came to see their child/children launch their own rockets :). 

Today was my 2nd unofficial Observation day as well as Mrs. Agnew had come to visit again to watch me teach a lesson. Thankfully, I did better this time. I think part of that has to do with the fact that this time I wasn’t fretting over it. I treated it like any other lesson I would do with my host teacher during one of our regular lessons. I was a little nervous and I did trip on a few words, but I got over it and managed myself better. I know I have a lot to improve on, but today I felt good about my performance as I was actually able to get through the lesson :). Some of the things I need to improve on according to Mrs. Agnew: 

  • stay away from yes/no questions (now that I look back at the questions I asked, I realize that yes, I could have structured my questions better so that I would be able to engage the students’ level of higher thinking
  • Make personal connections to student feedback (I know, personally speaking, that this will improve with time)

Today is my last day here at Ancillae (unless otherwise told…they’re trying to work a few more Mondays in for me so I can get more practice but it’s not confirmed yet. We’ll see.) It was a nice experience and I learned a lot from both my host teacher and Mrs. Reifsnyder. I am hoping to be back for the fall, but again no official word has been given out yet as to where I will be placed for the first half of student teaching. 

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