May 9, 2016

There wasn’t a Language Arts lesson today but I’m prepared for next week. Stem projects are this week where the class is going to build and launch rockets. They’re supposed to launch it Friday but it is supposed to Thunderstom on Friday so the rain date is on Monday. If that happens, then my LA lesson forward or back a bit during the day. I don’t mind since I’ve to do it anyways wherever time it is. The rockets reminded me of when I did it in Mr. Jackowski’s class in 8th grade. Wow…it’s already has been eleven years since then o_O.

Anyways, today’s stem class is only in the introductory stages . They are filling out an application, watching videos, and engaging in various fun activities. The videos by Time 4 Kids and NASA introduces space, astronauts, telescopes, life of an astronaut, etc. Each of the four stations (putting together a puzzle with “astronaut” gloves, reaction test with rulers, crunches and planks, and wight balls) were done in a clockwise rotation with about three pairs of kids each. Since I was closest to the puzzle activity, Mrs. Smith asked me to look over that one. It was actually pretty interesting to observe. The rule was to put together a puzzle using “astronaut” gloves, or in this case garden gloves. The purpose of this activity was to show how astronauts have to work really hard with their hands because the gloves do not make it easy for them. Also their was an essence of teamwork tied in it as well. The only problem was that in the video, the puzzle pieces wer a tad bit bigger and the ones that they were given were even smaller than that. The 1st group was a bit serious. They had gathered all the outer edges of the puzzle but they couldn’t make any sense of it as only two people were working on it while the others were just looking or playing with their gloves. Each group after that got just as serious. The last group was able to actually put two pieces together and then somehow they all unanimously decided to ditch the gloves and just solve the puzzle 😄. There was teamwork alright; just without the gloves.

Although they did not have a language arts lesson today, they are working towards something related to it. It’s Porquoi (French for “why”) tales. Mrs. Reifsnyder was reading them Pourquoi tales which are tales that describe how something comes to be. The one she was reading was “How the Chipmunk Got His Stripes”. These types of tales have a moral tied to them. I was browsing through some of the other books and came across titles such as “How the Rooster Got His Crown”, “Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears” and “How the Sun and Moon Came to Live in the Sky”. It’s very interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard about Pourquoi. At the end of this project, the students are going to write their own myth. Mrs. Smith was showing various templates that she wanted to use or could use for her various leveled students. I could just feel her enthusiasm towards this activity. I want to do this in my classroom 🙂

“Why Mosquitos Buzz in People’s Ears”



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