April 11, 2016

Part 1

Mrs. Smith isn’t here today as she has gone on vacation to California. There isn’t a LA lesson today and next Monday AA Academy is closed. The following Monday, I am going to be observed teaching the class a lesson on Public Office by Ms. Agnew from Arcadia. Last week, I volunteered to facilitate the morning meeting for today because I need to connect with the students more. So just like every other morning meeting, today’s morning meeting consisted of the greeting (Hit the Floor!), sharing something about the weekend, and a game (charades). Well, I might switch out the game of charades for their favorite game, Statues, which Mrs. Smith isn’t very fond of because it’s not really effective in terms of a team building activity.

Part 2

Well, that went horribly. The greeting was okay but the other two was horrible. The one where they share something from their weekend, I was under the impression that one person would share one thing each. But only three people went and answered questions that their peers had. When I asked, I was informed that they are only allowed three shares. That threw me off a bit because that wasn’t what Mrs. Smith and I talked about last week. And the game of charades was even worse than that. I figured that maybe it was my fault that I didn’t specify the directions clearly.  But then I remembered that Mrs. Smith told me that this group can get loud pretty quickly. I had to go to the middle of the circle in order for everyone to focus on and listen to me. I realized that even though I explained to them how the game worked, I should have also told them which direction it should go in so they aren’t popcorn picking, to sit down in a circle, and raise their hands, without calling out, if they knew the answer. Well, as you can imagine, all three of these things happened today. Mrs. Reifsneider told me that I did fine but since they can get out of hand sometimes, I have to know how to reel them back in. Sometimes they are forgetful so I have to be there to constantly reinforce quietness. It looks like it’s going to take me a little more time until I can get comfortable enough with the kids that I can use my voice to quiet them down. However, I fear by that time, it will be time for me to leave AA Academy. Anyways, hopefully I’ll be able to both teach the lesson and manage the class simultaneously on the 25th of this month. I know I will make mistakes, but since I’ve already been getting positive feedback from all of my other lessons, I want to get the chance to improve on other things as well.

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