March 21, 2016

Every class on Monday starts out with a morning meeting where every students sits around in a circle and basically introduces themselves or each other. Today they said each other’s names out loud to the tune of the Adam’s Family. After that, they shared what they did over the weekend, and then played a game (heads or tails). Then they continued with math and then worked on “The Best Part of Me” project where they have moved onto taking a picture of their favorite body part. 

In Language Arts today, I introduced the lesson “Food for Thought”. The lesson went like this:

1. Have a volunteer read the essential question

2. Read aloud “Food for Thought” to the class

3. Connect to Concept Activity

             – As you listen, think about how the different methods of farming can be helpful or harmful 

4. Read aloud passage “All About Organic”
This part was not part of my lesson but part of the lesson I was doing:

-Author’s Point of View- purpose of writing, to inform or to persuade

-“Food Fight” is a persuasive article. The author’s take on GM (Genetically Modified) foods— Are these advancements good for us? What details support author’s POV? 
     • A New Kind of Corn (popcorn read aloud)

         – BT (Bacillus Thuringiensis -contains insect killing gene- makes changes in the corn to produce poison) is a GM food

     • Author’s POV in “BT corn is better” vs. Author’s POV in “BT corn could be bad”

So as I was reading the passage “All About Organic”, it dawned on me that I could have structured this lesson better. Instead of reading all three sections at once, I could have stopped in each section and asked questions to understand student’s level of comprehension. Even though I was a little frustrated with myself, I let it go because this was only my first lesson. I learned from my mistake and will do better on the second one. 

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