March 14, 2016

This Monday was more of a normal school day. Mondays happen to be introductory days when the new unit gets introduced so Mrs. Smith was feeling a little bad for me because most of the activities where you get to do something with the students happen to start from Tuesdays. So we have to figure that out.

In the morning befor math started, the students were working on “The Best Part of Me” where they have to choose a favorite body part and write about why they chose it. During Math, they were being introduced to tenths and decimals and hundredths and decimals by Mrs. Reifsnyder. They were learning how to use models and number lines which are part of the common core practices. They were also learning about fractions (Which hundredths is it?), problem solving (Write 4  60/100 as a decimal —> 4.60), and word problems.

The rest of the class went like this:

Reading/writing- How can words lead to change?

What is a biography?
– a life story about a famous person which includes a lot of facts
– Thomas Hopkins Galedet- how was sign language brought to America?
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Fight against inequality)
– Nelson Mandela (fight inequality and discrimination)

Vocab- overview of Vocab words — “tension” was a confusing word

Elizabeth Cady Stanton
– Argued that women should be able to vote and have the same right as men (“Declaration of Rights and Sentiments”)
– Author’s Point of View- an author’s position or attitude about a topic of selection

At the end, Mrs. Smith and I decided that instead of her doing the whole Language Arts lesson, I would introduce the first half of it and then she will carry on from there. Eventually, I should be able to do a whole lesson and be observed doing it.


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