Over Breakfast

Baba was telling me about Dr. Abdul Kalam today and how he persevered to get a good education for himself and his family. The topic started today over a paratha that Ma accidentally burned in which I volunteered to eat because I did not want her to.

So Baba started telling me that when Kalam was a boy he had to walk 7 miles to his school which was very hard for him. Everyday his mother would pack his food. His family was very poor and did not have much food to begin with but since he walked for such a long time, his mother would give him a few extra pieces of her portion as well. One day, his mother was making roti for her husband which she accidentally burned. Since she did not have any more she had to give him the burned roti and said that she accidentally burned it. Her husband took it and said, “It’s okay. I love burned roti.” That same night before Kalam and his father went to sleep, Kalam asked his father, “I have never seen you eat burned roti before. Why did you say you like burned roti?”. His father replied, “There is no pioint in saying anything negative about it. What is done is done. If I had said something, your mother would have become more saddened.” I really liked how the father reacted to the the burned roti. It really shows his love and respect for his wife.

Baba also told me that Dr. Abdul Kalam was really good with words so I found this quote which I can really relate to.

“One best book is equal to a hundred good friends but one good friend is equal to a library.”
-Dr. Abdul Kalam, Wings Of Fire

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