32 Of The Most Beautiful Words In The English Language

1. Aquiver

2. Mellifluous

3. Ineffable

4. Hiraeth

5. Nefarious

6. Somnambulist

7. Epoch

8. Sonorous

9. Serendipity

10.  Limerence

11. Bombinate

12. Ethereal

13. Illicit

14. Petrichor

15. Iridescent

16. Epiphany

17. Supine

18. Luminescence

19. Solitude

20. Aurora

21. Syzygy

22. Phosphenes

23. Oblivion

24. Ephemeral

25. Incandescence

26. Denouement

27. Vellichor

28. Eloquence

29. Defenestration

30. Sonder

31. Effervescence

32. Cromulent

: Via  Buzzfeed

The Boy On The Other Side

This poem is inspired by Alan Schroeder’s “Satchmo’s Blues”. I am creating a poetry lesson for a 5th grade class where I want the students to come up with  a poem to describe a specific event in the book. Hopefully, exploring the book in a poetic view will not only help the students learn about Louis Armstrong but also  help them learn how music shaped his life. I created this poem for the students so I can show them a different perspective. This poem is written from the perspective of the horn from the pawnshop that Louis was working so hard for.

The Boy On The Other Side

Day in, day out,
I sit here, waiting,
For that one person.
I sit here silently,
Collecting dust,
With dings and dents and all.
The wide-eyed boy on the other side watches me,
Day in, day out.
Day out, day in.
Is he the person I’ve been waiting for?

-The Horn In The Pawnshop Window