“Koi Jo Mila” by Shankar Mahadevan

There is this one piece that I am stuck on and have been stuck on for awhile now. The other day, I heard this song and there is a part that really describes the picture I want to portray in my piece. Just thought I’d share.


Badal main ik chaand chhupa hai
Aur jhaank raha hai jaise raat ke parde main
Ek savera hai roshan roshan aakhon ke
Sapnon ka saagar jismain prem sitaron ki chaadar
Jaise jhalak rahi hai
Lahron lahron baat kare to jaise moti barse
Jaise kahin chandi ki payal goonjey
Jaise kahin sheeshe main jaam girey
Aur chhann se tootey jaise koi chhip ke sitaar bajaye
Jaise koi chaandni raat main gaye
Jaise koi hole se paas bulaye


Like a moon hidden in a cloud
And the moonlight emerging
Like luminescent dawn from the shade of night:
An ocean of dreams in her eyes, love overflowing in waves,
Like sheet of stars,
Speaking words like showers of pearls,
Like somewhere the moon’s anklets jingle,
Like a tinkling glass goblet,
Or the playing of the sitar and flute,
Like singing in a moonlit night,
Like the soft speaking of a secret.

Lyrics translation: http://www.hindilyrics.net/translation-Breathless/Koi-Jo-Mila.html

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Bohot khubsoorat, thanks for sharing!

  2. Sara Alam says:

    Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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