My guidance.
I held your finger as I walked
through the known streets of home.
You carried me on your feet,
step by step,
as we danced across the room.
I was your little girl.
You put me on your shoulders
and I finally saw through your eyes.
You showed me the world.
You are my baba*,
my sign of assurance….
my light at the end of the tunnel.
As you bring me closer to you,
touching your head with mine,
you give me a warm smile
that says ‘Everything’s all right’.
You are my storyteller,
your reminiscence is my childhood;
I grew up in every little aspect
of your memories.
Some cherished and held close to heart.
Some abhorred and tried to be forgotten.
I have grown to understand your emotions.
I have learned to tread on the stepping stones
that you have laid out for me.
Your shadow has always been beside me,
picking me up when I fall
and wiping away my tears.
You’re my protector
and I hope you always will be.
*Baba is the meaning of father in Bengali

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