Ode To The Moon

Dear Moon,
You are more handsome than any I’ve ever seen.
Here I am writing to you
while the whole world resides in slumber.
You are humble
for the clouds, who like mountains,
pass by you
while you still hold your place.
You are the one whom I whisper all my secrets to
and I know well
that you will keep your promise.
For you listen and do not judge.
Your beauty can not be put into words;
it is translated into whispers
which no man can understand.
You are God-created
and so am I.
You watch me as I watch you,
unloading my sorrows onto you,
hoping for wishes to come true.
As I drift off to sleep,
basking in your moonbeams,
I take you with me into my dreams.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. ladyatemu says:

    I really love this one 🙂

    1. Sara Alam says:

      Thanks. I tend to write on the moon and stars quite a lot. I really find them calming.

      1. ladyatemu says:

        There’s a song you need to hear. “Wishing on the Same Star” by Namie Amuro. Look up the lyrics. One of life’s greatest songs.

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