Because of You

**This is an edited version of a longer poem I wrote. Surprisingly, this version turned out to be better than the original**

Because of you, I’ve gone crazy.
Because of you, I can’t control my emotions.
You enter my mind whenever you please
And leave whenever you want.
You’re sincerity has bonded us in friendship.
Because of you and only you, my heart skips a beat.
My mind and body are not one,
And my soul is definitely somewhere else,
Probably in search of yours.
You leave me enchanted
And set the birds nesting in my heart,
Let’s spread our wings
As the sun takes a dip in the ocean,
And the moon glows while the stars shimmer alight.
The sky is caving in as I reach for the heavens.
When your face lights up,
So does this world.
The darkness is gone,
The moon has gone to sleep.
The sun wakes from its slumber.
Because of you, my life finally feels fulfilled.


Picture source: unknown author

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