Awaiting The Chorus Line

come and embrace me.
Your light is extravagant
as I stand here and watch in awe.
You are the veins which run along the depths of the sky.

I wish I were a tree,
for my tops would graze the gentle wind
and swing to and fro to its melody.

I wish I were the soft earth,
waiting the sound of pitter-patter,
hearing them pounding against my river bed.

Ah! What a sight!

It is as if my soul has parted from my body
with no desire of returning;
like a baby bird who has just sprouted its wings.

And like that,
the procession has passed,
making its way home.

My Other


I’ve gone to look for my other
in the nooks and crannies of my heart.
I don’t know how long I’ll be
so please don’t wait.
Keep treading your water.
I’ve gone to look for my other half,
I’m incomplete without her.

Metal Butterfly


I noticed my little butterfly clip holding on to my mirror today. It’s been there for the past 9 years but I always just pass by it in my mind. I remember when I first got it… A gift from ma and baba. I wore it a few times but then stopped wearing it for fear of waring it down. But that was a long time ago. But ever since we moved to a bigger house, it has been holding onto my mirror since then. I took it down today and admired its light wings on metal springs.