I, Without Wings

I close my eyes,
place my hand upon my heart,
and let go.
I fall
in flight
as my broken wings
flutter to the ground;
my eyes fixated
on the concrete wall
in front of me.
Gathering myself
I plunge head first
through the biting,
cold barrier and
into the abyss.
I gasp for breath
and wake up to reality.

The Fallen Sky

I feel tired.
Should I fall asleep
and wake up into my nightmare?
My pain is starting
to weave through.
Should I suppress it
or let it exist
between my two realms?
Should I hold it in the palm of my hand
or let it roam
the seas
of my imagination?
Let me out.
Let me out.
Let me roam free.
Let me scream out my frustrations.
Let me cry out my tears.
I want to see them out.
Out and wandering,
out and free.
Let me out,
let me shout…
until no more.
Until there’s nothing more to shout out.
Let me out
until I wither back
into my nightmare
and come out in your dreams.